From one hiring manager to another - hiring veterans

According to one LinkedIn Report on Veteran Opportunities, thirty-eight (38) of the top fifty (50) industries employ veterans at a proportionally lower rate than nonveterans. There is an apparent disconnect between interest and actual hiring follow-through – it is just not as transparent as we think. So, let's talk about the elephant in the room – why is it challenging for many organizations to hire veterans? 

• Organizational attitudes 

• Stereotypes and bias toward military 

• Candidate preparation and readiness 

• Reluctant hiring managers 

• Recalibrating how to evaluate veteran candidates 

• It takes a village

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From one hiring manager to another - retaining veterans

An organization’s approach to recruiting veterans should involve more than a military-friendly hiring process. It should also look at the holistic veteran experience beyond hiring to include how to increase veteran retention. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, while fifty-six (56) percent of post-9/11 veterans stayed in their first job for more than a year, forty-four (44) percent left their first position after less than a year. 

 As a result, many veterans enter the workforce through an organization that not only struggles with recruiting veterans but is also ill-equipped to foster their professional development and growth, often resulting in frustration and early departure of veterans from the organization. Of course, all this happens for preventable reasons that can be mitigated by the organization.

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